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How is a loan consolidation ?



AGGREGATE LOAN conso + immo

This type of debt consolidation loan is for all holders of consumer loans, whatever are your borrower profile (tenant, owner, hosted ...) and your socio-professional status (employee, official, craftsman ...).
Credit redemption consumer brings together all your consumer loans (car, motorcycle, personal, work, money reserves ...) into one, whatever their rate, term of repayment, their nature and the organizations in which you obtained them. You also have the option to include in the operation other debts (tax arrears, rent arrears, family debts, store cards ...).

With this banking transaction, you will have one contact and one monthly payment fits your income and current projects. You can keep your current bank and seek funding for a new project (work, buying a car, etc ...).

The idea is to replace your current mortgage with a new loan at a reduced rate. However, home savings loans, approved loans or loans to social access, social loans ... are also eligible for mortgage redemption under certain conditions.

Credit redemption property owners borrowers mainly of one or more real estate (house, apartment, land ...) regardless of their professional category.

This type of financing mainly loans to finance the acquisition of property. It allows you either to lower the amount of your deadlines, or to lower the initial term of your outstanding loan. However, according to the proposed rates, the real estate loan redemption may also allow you to reduce the cost of your maturity and reduce initial term of your loan. .

With Credit redemption Immo + cons, you take the power over your finances. This banking operation is the opportunity to simplify the management of your budget to enjoy a unique and reduced maturity to finance your projects ... all without changing bank..

Property loans, revolving loan, credit work ..., grouping to housing and consumer credit allows you to collect all your loans into one monthly payment including one tailored to your finances and your motivations.


To borrow a sum of money, it is not mandatory to go to a financial institution.
Most often, this happens in a friendly or family.
Few then formalize the transaction in writing ... and many will regret it bitterly! !

A credit engages you and must be repaid. Check your repayment capacity before you commit. . 

Stay up to date financial market and particularly the credit redemption universe..

58% in January to 59.85% in February. How to explain this turnaround? Is the situation still conducive to these banking? How to explain this turnaround? Is the situation still conducive to these banking? How to explain this turnaround? Is the situation still conducive to these banking?

According to Statistics published by the Caisse des Dépôts, the Livret A recorded positive inflows of 2.89 billion euros