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Our Terms of Service (TOS)

  • You make a loan application form.
  • Individuals consult the list of applications and select the application by clicking on "Contact" 
  • Dealers receive by email a request made by you in the loan application form.
  • Brokers make contact with you.

NB: The documents that may be required.

  • Identity and income: * required
  • Last tax notice *
  • complete family booklet copy *
  • Duplex Copying ID card *
  • payslips last 3 months and December of the previous year *
  • Contract (s) of work of both spouses
  • pension payment slips or retirement last 3 months *
  • Proof of family allowances and housing *
  • Proof judgment divorce or alimony payment + the liquidation
  • Declaration and land leases
  • Residences and properties: * required
  • Certificate notarized value or well (s)
  • property title or property (s) *
  • Last invoice Telecom and EDF *
  • Sales agreement*
  • casualty insurance certificate house
  • rent receipt or lease or proof of accommodation free of charge *
  • Last property taxes and last housing tax loans and debts

Loans and debts: * required

  • Copy of the loans contracts *
  • initial loan offer loan Real Estate * 
  • Payment of tax status or tax Printed P237 bank accounts

Bank account: * required

  • Bank statements of the last 3 months of each account *
  • Bank details + void check

If the lender agrees to lend to the borrower: the borrower receives by
email the debt of gratitude that kind prints.
He fulfilled the sign and sends it to the lender by mail.
The latter signs it keeps the IOU, and then sends the check to the borrower by
registered letter.

This procedure is valid only for acts performed between two individuals.
In the case of an act performed with a professional, the procedure finds benchmark bond that the borrower will receive from the lender.

NB: The role of "pret-entre-particuliers.com" is limited to the matchmaking between the two parties and not perceive any fee or levy on the amount of realized loan.
PEP has no information to give about the people contacting subscribers because the exchange between the various parties (applicant - lender) is done automatically through a form accessible to all. Lenders are not registered and do not have an account.
As stated in the terms and conditions as well as the automated response form, you should check the details of your contacts and not to make in exchange for settlement of a financial service. If you are unable to reach the person by telephone, this is suspicious.

A credit engages you and must be repaid. Check your repayment capacity before you commit. . 


Our specialized agency is able to ensure quality monitoring throughout the submission process online credit application folder. To do this, he relies on his expertise in finance and a wide range of offers the best credit institutions.

With a long experience in the areas of Real Estate Credit and redemption of credits, we offer borrowers a personalized study of their loan application packages online. This allows us to offer packages that meet the needs of borrowers with competitive rates and guaranteed to the people who trust us with their online application folders, customized financing solutions to better loan terms.