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personal credit

What is a personal credit?

Personal credit is unaffected loan ,, qui means clustering you do not-have to explain to your bank subject to your credit. You use the loaned amount as you wish , whatever your need. You can use it time immediately or later. Personal Credit Allows you to Quickly features of a sum of money to face the financing of one or more of your projects , personal purchases Single gold payments. Need to pay a bill in a hurry? Need to finance the studies? Need to pay your medical bills? Need a high-tech new TV? ?

To select your credit organization, use our Compare to calculate the total cost of your loan, fees and monthly payments you will-have to repay.

Health insurance

What is health insurance?

We all benefit in France of the health insurance That reimburses us a number of our health spending. Aim this insurance covers only your share of expenses, balance your responsibility. To cover your advantage and be better paid, you pay yourself a complementary health. This is additional Necessary When You-have recurrently Particular health needs, and is very valuable for non-planned expenditure. The health insurance covers all kinds of medical expenses  : routine care, optical, dental and hospitalization of short and long term ..

There is no single price in health insurance The cost will depend your needs we Often related to your age and your Particular needs (care, teeth, optical). To find the best health insurance . compares different agencies and Their formulas. Our health insurance Compare Allows you to list all the additional available at the best price is based your search criteria. In minutes, you get the MOST attractive prices while the HAVING Ability to compare the Proposed Guarantees.

9 Comparing agencies

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term loan

What is a car insurance?

In terms of auto insurance,  each rate is unique  : it depends on your profile and your use of your car. The best way to  compare prices  is to rate several requests by several insurers to compare them. Our  auto insurance comparison  allows you to query in less than 30 seconds a large panel of insurers and  find  the best price for your profile . Charge you to perform detailed estimates by the most interesting insurers. Remember to choose your insurance, you should also compare the proposed coverage and deductible to pay in case of disaster.

Auto insurance covers the damages suffered or caused by your vehicle. Car insurance offer several options that cover you more or less widely, knowing that the so-called basic formula "third party insurance" is mandatory . Depending on the use you make of your vehicle and its value, auto insurance can also cover theft, fire and all risk types with the so-called "All Risks". This formula includes assistance coverage, glass breakage, damages and legal protection.

animal insurance

What is a pet insurance?

The maintenance and care of our pets are becoming more and more expensive it becomes much more interesting to have a mutual animals to make them. The pet insurance will allow you to be paid on expenses related to accidents  or diseases hospitalization, veterinary costs, vaccination, other medical procedures (CT, X-rays, transport costs), etc.  The risks covered are exclusively related to the health and well-being of the animal .
There is also a dedicated pet insurance for civil responsibility, which allows to compensate third parties who have suffered losses because of the pet (damage, or injury). None of the insurance is compulsory, however they allow to guard against all the risks and costs resulting from unforeseen events.

To find the pet insurance you need, it is advisable to compare different offers from several insurance companies . This will compare the benefits and assess the potential costs (such as deductibles). Through our insurance comparator animals , you can do when you want a custom search. Depending on various criteria (animal, age, race) and options you want, you can quickly find the animal assurance / quality ratio the most significant price.

Home Insurance

What is home insurance?

As the owner, tenant, or landlord, you should consider protecting your property or housing risks or accidents  that may occur . Among them we list burglary, water damage, fires and storms. If your unit is affected by one of these disasters or damage, the role of home insurance is to indemnify you on the basis of guarantees entered into the insurance contract. The home insurance policy also includes public liability cover, Which guarantees the protection of the inhabitants. If the home insurance is not compulsory under the law, protects the holder heavy responsibilities and compensation costs.

The rates of home insurance vary from one company to another and property Real Estate you want to insure. To find the most appropriate insurance contract offer, comparing different offers to compare, within minutes, the many benefits from 55 insurance sector . Now you as well is choose the most advantageous formula. Remember to choose your home insurance, you should also compare the proposed guarantees.

Assurance emprunteur

What is health insurance?

When you take out a loan Real Estate, the financial institution requires that you take a loan insurance. The latter allows the bank to be reimbursed in the event of death or disability of the purchaser. You have two options: buy insurance with the hotel offered by your bank or choose another provider. This provision is allowed for the implementation of the Hamon Act in March 2014; the borrower has the freedom of choice, provided that the insurance offers the same guarantees as the organization proposed by the bank.

Loan insurance is a guarantee by the loan Real Estate; sometimes it is very expensive, the amount of up to 40% of the cost of credit. Rates vary depending on the estimated risk of the loan term, as well as other criteria specific to the borrower (personal, health, etc.). It is therefore strongly advised to choose their insurance or encourage competition by comparing various deals. Often, to guarantee equal the premium amount may vary. Using a loan insurance comparison, you can find an adequate premium offering. 

Auto Credit?

What is a car loan?

A car loan is a loan used to purchase a car new or used. This credit requires you to inform your bank the nature of your loan: proof of your project must be provided for the loan you will be granted. The borrowing limit for a car loan is 75,000 € and its duration extends from 12 to 84 months.

To calculate the total cost of your loan and the monthly payments that you have to pay, use our credit car comparator. You will see that the repayment term has much impact on the final cost of your loan and the monthly payments. Always choose a level of reimbursement that does not put your power budget . Turn to the credit agencies rather than offering your retailer will also offer a financing solution will often be less competitive.

Current Account

What is a current account?

The current account is a bank account that allows you to manage your money every day . The current account allows you to have at any time of your money to make your purchases: you enjoy it for several means of payment such as cash withdrawal, bank card, check, bank transfer or debit. The operations you want to perform on that account can be made in your agency, and if you have accepted it in your account on the bank's website.

Between 16 and 18, opening a current account must be achieved under the control of parents. From 18 years, anyone is free to open only current account. At the opening, an account agreement establishes the rules of the account: the chosen services, means of payment (credit card, checks), the rates ... It is important to compare the rates offered by banks before each subscription : some services may sometimes be as free access to a credit card but pay like holding the account. To compare rates of banks,